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The declaration of conformity is a document in which the manufacturer or persons authorized by him certify that the products supplied by him comply with the requirements of regulatory documents.

The accredited certification body, in accordance with the code DKPP/TN FEA, assigned to this product, registers a declaration of conformity.

Декларация о соответствии Днепр, Украина Декларация о соответствии Днепр, Украина Декларация о соответствии Днепр, Украина Декларация о соответствии Днепр, Украина

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   Sanitary and epidemiological inspection certificate of Ukraine is a document, which proves compliance of the finished product, activity or specifications for product manufacture with the applicable requirements, hygienic standards and sanitary regulations, and serves an official confirmation of the product safety for human health. Besides, when obtaining the certificates of compliance, it is often necessary to obtain the sanitary and epidemiological inspection certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine first.

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   According to the Law of Ukraine “On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine” the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a state non-profit self-governing organization, which unites legal entities and citizens of Ukraine, who are registered as entrepreneurs, and relevant unions on a voluntary basis.
   The main objective of the Chamber: creationof favourable conditions for business activity, facilitation of balanced growth of scientific and technical and trade relations between the Ukrainian entrepreneurs and their foreign partners, representation of interests of its members in the issues of economic activity in Ukraine and abroad.

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   It is necessary to register the technical communication means in a special register, maintained by the National Commission Communications Regulation, to obtain the UKRF conformity certificate. Then the applicant may submit documents for certification for import licensing purposes.

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