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   According to the Law of Ukraine “On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine” the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a state non-profit self-governing organization, which unites legal entities and citizens of Ukraine, who are registered as entrepreneurs, and relevant unions on a voluntary basis.
   The main objective of the Chamber: creationof favourable conditions for business activity, facilitation of balanced growth of scientific and technical and trade relations between the Ukrainian entrepreneurs and their foreign partners, representation of interests of its members in the issues of economic activity in Ukraine and abroad.

   The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and regional chambers are authorized by the Government of Ukraine to issue certificates of origin and ATA carnets and provide services, related to the issue of the mentioned documents.
   The UCCI has its representatives in 11 countries of the world and maintains partnership relations with similar national and regional structures in almost 90 countries.
   For the purpose of facilitation of development of international economic relations the UCCI of Ukraine forms joint advisory bodies with its foreign partners – business councils, mixed chambers of commerce. The representatives of the UCCI enjoy membership of 69 intergovernmental commissions for trade and economic cooperation, subcommittees and working groups.
 The chambers of commerce and industry issue certificates of origin for all the countries, except for preferential certificates for the EU and EFTA countries and Montenegro.
   Customs authorities issue preferential certificates by EUR.1 form for the EU and EFTA countries and Montenegro.
   Certificate of origin is an official document, issued by competent authority in the exporting country.
   The document proves the product origin from certain country of production or processing.
   The certificate shall be obtained for the following purposes:
- import of products to the CIS states without payment of duty;
- possibility to obtain preferential tariffs;
- exemption from additional taxes.

   Forms/types of certificates of origin
- 2 forms of certificates for products exported to the CIS countries and Georgia (in Russian): certificate of origin of general form and certificate of origin of СТ-1 form;
- 3 forms of certificates for the goods exported to the EU countries (in English): Form A; EUR 1; general form. The product origin shall be determined based on the EU regulations;
- EFTA countries (European Free Trade Association: Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein) - EUR 1; general form (in English). The rules for determination of product origin shall be provided in the Agreement for Free Trade between Ukraine and EFTA countries;
- Turkey, Japan, USA -Form A; general form (in English) according to the laws on provision of preferences for products of the Ukrainian origin.
   It is necessary to provide information, proving that the products were produced in Ukraine and have the status of the Ukrainian origin to obtain the certificate of origin.

   The following data shall be provided for that purpose:
- company registration documents;
- information regarding the production base, personnel and equipment;
- description of technological process of production.
   Requirements to the product origin
   The country of importer/consignee shall determine the rules for determination of origin in accordance with applicable international agreements, according to which the conditions for issue of the status of origin shall be determined for every product. These conditions may vary in the laws of different countries and territories.
   In order to verify conformity to requirements to product origin, it is necessary to obtain the following information:
1. what the product was produced of (raw material, materials, components);
2. origin of raw material, used for production;
3. raw processing types;
4. difference between the final product and the raw material used for production (materials, components);
5. share of raw material of unknown of Ukrainian origin in monetary value.

   The certificate shall be issued only in case of transportation of the products over the customs border.

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