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   Sanitary and epidemiological inspection certificate of Ukraine is a document, which proves compliance of the finished product, activity or specifications for product manufacture with the applicable requirements, hygienic standards and sanitary regulations, and serves an official confirmation of the product safety for human health. Besides, when obtaining the certificates of compliance, it is often necessary to obtain the sanitary and epidemiological inspection certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine first.

  The sanitary and epidemiological inspection certificate of the Ministry of 3Health of Ukraine shall be issued subject to regulations, established in the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Examination Certificate No. 05.03.02-03/52400 dated 27.12.2004, and shall be governed with the Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring Sanitary and Epidemiological Safety of the Population” No. 4004-XII dated 24.02.94.

   The Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the period of 1 to 5 years for:
- Ukrainian products;
- imported products;
- type of activity (trading, public catering);
- specifications (production specifications).

Development, Harmonization of Technical Conditions (TU)

   Technical Conditions - a document that establishes requirements that are mandatory for performance in the process of its production, sale, operation, disposal, transportation, storage and other activities.

Технические Условия

Technical conditions are developed for one particular product, substance, material. The requirements established by the Technical Conditions (TU) must not contradict the mandatory requirements of state standards that apply to this product.

The process of performance of works on TU includes: development of the draft TU, verification and harmonization of specifications (including changes to them) with state supervision bodies.

We will provide the optimal design solutions of the technical specifications, developed specifically for your production and meeting all the existing standards of state regulatory bodies.

Development of technical specifications begins with the receipt of the following information:

1. The details of your company.

2. The future range of your products with a description of the main technical characteristics.

3. Technological order of production, with a description of the main components purchased.


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