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   Quarantine permit (phytosanitary certificate) is an official document, which permits import or transit of regulated objects according to the established phytosanitary norms.
   It is necessary to get registered in regional phytosanitary service and obtain a letter of proof of registration to obtain the import quarantine permit.

   The quarantine materials shall include:4
seeds and seed material; agricultural, forest and decorative crops; plants and their parts (bulbs, root tubers, fruits etc.) as well as other products of plant origin, which may transmit pests and plant diseases, weeds, fungi crops, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, acari, insects, which may inflict damage to plant resources, collections of insects, anticrop agents and samples of damages inflicted, herbaria and seed collections.
   This document of proof shall be issued for a single batch of plant products sunject to quarantine, which shall be transported in a single vehicle (which implies execution of additional document of proof for every subsequent vehicle, transporting the quarantine products).
   All the requirements to execution of documents are approved by the international FAO convention, which determined the norms and regulations for transportation of goods, supported with phytosanitary certificate.



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