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   UKRSEPRO certificate is a document, which proves the conformity of products to statutorily established requirements to quality and safety and registration of products in the register of certified products in the territory of Ukraine (UKRSEPRO Register).

ukrsepro lg  Знак Соответствия УкрСЕПРО добровольная сертификация  Национальный знак соответствия техническим регламентам УКРАИНЫ

   Certification is a procedure of provision of written guarantee by the third party for conformity of products, process and service to the established requirements.

   Certification System is a system possessing its own requirements, procedures and controls for certification of conformity.

   The third party is a person or authority, independent of the parties, which is involved in the issue considered (GSTU 2462-94 “Certification: Main Notions, Terms and Definition”).

   Product certification shall be performed by the authorized certification agencies for prevention of realization of products posing danger to life, health and property of population and to environment, assistance to consumer in competent selection of products, creation of conditions for participation of business entities in international business scientific and technical cooperation and international trading.

Сертификат Соответствия   Сертификат Соответствия на Авто  Сертификат Соответствияt   Декларация

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    The following products shall refer to the products subject to certification in the System:

- products produced in Ukraine;
- products imported to Ukraine, which are designated by the producer as those complying with applicable regulatory documents in Ukraine;
- products imported to Ukraine, which are not designated by the producer as those complying with applicable regulatory documents in Ukraine, but may be identified as such, which shall comply with the applicable regulatory document for similar products in Ukraine;
- products imported to Ukraine, which are not designated by the producer as those complying with applicable regulatory documents in Ukraine and are not identified as such, which shall comply with the applicable regulatory document for similar products in Ukraine, but for which a positive sanitary and epidemiological inspection certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine was issued.

    CE is the EU certification system (Conformite Europeenne – European conformity).


The issue of the СЕ certificate shall be controlled and governed by the EOTC – the European Organization for Testing and Certification.

Сертификат CE  СЕ Декларация  ДекларациЯ  Сертификация СЕ

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   СЕ procedure:

1. Determination of a directive and standards, applied for testing and certification of the producer’s products;
2. Assessment of the documents provided, technical file and other documents required by experts in terms of conformity with the European directive claimed;
3. Production analysis in form of expert visits to the territory of the company (if necessary);
4. Product testing for conformity to the selected standards;
5. Issue of the СЕ conformity certificate.

   The price of obtaining of the CE certificate depends on the type of products and number and cost of the required tests, held in the accredited laboratory.

   We need the following information from you to start cooperation:
- company name;
- person in charge and contact details;
- product name;
- product designation;
- product intended use;
- regulatory documents of Ukraine (DSTU, TU, GOST);
- schemes, drawing and figure;
- product description;
- harmonized EU standards, if any.

   The certificate of conformity GOST-R in Russia may be obtained according to different approved registration schemes.

- Certificate of conformity GOST-R for a contract shall be issued with obligatory testing and introduction of information on the tests held (protocol number and date).


   As a rule, the certificate shall contain the exact name of the producer and recipient, contract number and date and execution scheme.

   This form of execution is applied in cases, where import is not restricted with a single delivery.
   International agreement (contract) is entered into between the product recipient and supplier or producer. Any documents executed by the described scheme shall be effective during one year. Respectively, the applicant may import products indicated without any restrictions.
- Certificate of conformity GOST-R for a batch may be issued without any testing protocol. Nevertheless, it is an obligatory requirement to indicate the invoice number and date. It should be mentioned that the document shall be applicable to a restricted batch of products.
   The document shall be issued as an open-ended one. As a rule, the scheme is applied in cases, where the import of a test batch is implied. The scheme is often applied for obligatory proof of quality of equipment, as the equipment is supplied in small batches and there is no need to execute documents for a long-term period.
- Certificate of conformity GOST-R for serial production shall be executed for the producer with obligatory certification tests.

Сертификат ГОСТ Р  ГОСТ Р Сертификат

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   As opposed to batch registration, this certificate shall indicate the protocol number for the tests held.
   The effective period of such document may make one to three years. The scheme indicated may be applied for the proof of conformity of domestic and import products.

    9001 certificate is a document, issued by a special authority for a product, which conforms to requirements of the ISO standard.

9001  14001  22000

Сертификат ISO на систему экологического управления  Сертификат ISO  Сертификат ISO на систему управления качеством           

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   The Certification Process includes:
1. Expert advice in the field of certification.
2. Certification preparation:
- determination of scope of works, periods, other parameters
- negotiation and entering into agreement
- payment for works
- provision of information required for works
3. Certification:
- development and implementation of the ISO system by our experts
- provision of documents drafted for your signing
- ISO certification audit
- preparation and agreement of draft of your certificate
4. Registration in the register, issue of certificate.


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