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   International air cargo transportation activity presumes obligatory customs clearance procedures. Customs clearance shall be performed by way of cargo declaration and payment of all the required customs duties.

   Obligatory payments for imported goods shall include the excise duty, value added tax and customs tariff.
Indirect payments related to customs clearance of goods shall include license, qualification certificate, bonded storage and transportation fees.
   Subject to air cargo transportation regulations the cargo may be accepted for transportation upon availability of a duly executed CMR.
1. Freights may be transported in international airlines with passenger and freight aircrafts.
2. The cargos accepted for international transportation shall be transported subject to the regulations below.
   - Cargo import, export and transit must be permitted by laws and regulations of the country, to/from/through the territory of which the cargo is transported.
   - Cargo dimensions must ensure its easy loading and unloading, allocation in baggage-cargo compartments of aircrafts and cargo securing.
   - If transported with passenger air liners the cargo weight and dimensions shall not exceed the established limits.
   - All the required shipping documents shall be attached to the cargo.
   - The cargo shall neither endanger the aircraft or people and property on board, nor cause any inconveniences with its properties to passengers.
3. The cargo, which exceeds the established limits in weight or dimensions, may be accepted for transportation only with the carrier’s consent.
   The convenience of cargo air transportation is unchallenged: high service quality, delivery speed, minimum slow delivery risks. The requirements imposed on air carriers for cargo transportation are set forth below.
   - There are no strict requirements to cargo packaging in air transport. The cargo may be packaged in cardboard box secured with scotch tape, bag, box or any other package. The package shall ensure the safety of cargo and exclude any possibility of unintended cargo damage during its loading/unloading/transportation (impacts, atmospheric precipitations) and prevent any access to the package content. Any sharp protruding parts, which may make injuries to people or damage the craft plating, shall be absent.
   All the cargo units shall be marked with labels, containing information on consignor and consignee, as well as other labels (Fragile, This side up, Avoid moisture etc.)if necessary.
   Please keep in mind that the consignor is liable for the packaging according to the Air Laws and Regulations.
   - Cargo dimensions and weight restrictions: there are no minimum cargo dimensions and weight restrictions. Those cargo units, which weight exceeds 80 kg, shall refer to heavy load cargos, which in most cases makes impact upon transportation cost only. Maximum allowable weight limit for a single air transportable cargo unit, which does not require any additional approvals, makes 200 kg. Aggregate weight and dimensions of all the cargo units within a single batch shall be restricted with the size of baggage-cargo compartments only.
   Cargo air transportation render it possible to transport quite bulky and difficult cargos. For instance, transportation capacity of IL-76 cargo airplane exceeds 130 tons and that of AN-124 Ruslan – over 200 tons. In case of necessity to transport cargos of up to 20 tons AN-12 and AN-26 are usually used.


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