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   Trucking activity makes an integral part of production process of any company, that is why every operating company must rely upon its carrier. Such a reliance emerges as the company has its name and reputation in the market, which were developed through faithful relations with its customers and profound knowledge of the business sphere.

   International trucking makes a share of about 27% of the cargo transportation market. Trucking activity has for many years remained the single transportation activity characterized with rapid development.

   International cargo trucking offers a number of advantages as compared to other types of transportation.
1. Convenience: Possible cargo door-to-door-delivery. This may be ensured only in case of cargo trucking, as in case of transportation by rail or by air the consignor himself has to additionally transport the cargo by truck.
2. Quick delivery: Trucking is beyond any competition with reference to promptness and cost.
3. More opportunities: Trucking offers an opportunity to transport various types of cargos: from dangerous to out-of-gauge (OOG) cargos.

   Types of cargo transportation:
- Ukrainian trucking
- International trucking
- Dangerous cargos of all the ADR classes
- Refrigerated cargos
- Liquid bulk cargos
- Dry bulk cargos
- Consolidated cargos from Europe and Asia.

   We provide any types of local and international transportation services. Your cargo will be delivered regardless of distance, transportable volume and complexity of assignment.
   We work with individuals and corporate customers. We are open to new offers and long-term cooperation. We have high service and working standards. We are glad to assist you with your assignments!

   Main documents:
- CMR is a main transportation document, which is issued by the consignor. The Transportation section shall indicate the route, truck data and driver’s data. The Goods section shall indicate the cargo list, weight, volume (number) and value. The BOL shall bear the original seals and be issued in 4 counterparts (1st – for the consignor, 2nd – for the consignee, 3rd – for the carrier, 4th shall serve as a basis for settlement for transportation and shall be attached by the carrier to the invoice for payment issued to the customer).
- Trip sheet is a document required of the carrier’s part, which is issued by trucking company.
- Contract between the consignor (consignee) and the carrier (forwarded) or contract copy, certified by either party. The contract serves a basis for cargo transportation by the carrier.

   Additional documents:
- Consignment note shall be attached in case the Goods section of the BOL does not indicate the complete list of transportable cargo.
- Certificates of compliance and quality, datasheets/other certificates shall be attached depending on the cargo nature.
- Invoices and contract between the supplier and the buyer shall be used to prevent any non-standard situations.


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