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морские перевозки украина

   Marine container transportation is, perhaps, the cheapest and the most convenient way of cargo transportation in export and import activity. This type of delivery is particularly popular, as it allows the transportation of goods from the other part of the world with the lowest expenditures.

   Any types of cargos may be transported in containers, except for the OOG cargos.
   We provide services in two schemes: Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Than Container Load (LCL), which gives our customers an opportunity to transport cargos in full containers or lease the part of container for transportation of minor batches.
   We make our best efforts to transport your goods without a single delay!

   Transportation stages -
- Container booking
- Container loading in the consignor’s warehouse
- Dispatch of the cargo to the port
- Container transportation with a container ship
- Processing upon arrival to the destination port
- Transportation form the port to the customer’s warehouse

   The price includes:
- Ground cargo transportation to the shipping port
- Port expenditures in the shipping port
- Sea freight
- Port expenditures in the port of destination
-Transportation form the port to the customer’s warehouse
- Information support at every stage.

   What may be required?
- Cargo insurance
- Customs processing
- Consulting in the issues of foreign economic activity
- Customs examination
- Warehouse logistics
- Assistance in search of trade partners.

   Transportation documents:
   - Invoice is a shipping document, issued by the seller of the goods to the buyer for the certain batch of goods. The invoice shall contain the following details: the seller’s name and address, the buyer’s address, the customer’s order date and No., description of the goods sold, packaging information, precise designations and numbers indicated in the package, price, delivery and payment terms. The invoice may either be used as the CMR, supporting the goods, as well as for the proof of origin of the goods.
   - Invoice is a main document, which proves the value of the goods declared and being the basis for calculation of customs duties, payments and VAT.
   - Export declaration (EX-1) is an international document, which proves the export of goods for cargos, produced in and sold from the EEC countries.
   - Transit declaration (Т-1) is a guarantee document for customs transit, which shall support any cargos (in the EEC) of non-European origin (USA, Asia etc.) and cargos, entering from the European customs warehouses.
CMR shall be issued in 3 counterparts at least, which shall be signed by the consignor and the carrier. The first counterpart shall be transferred to the consignor, the second shall support the cargo and the third shall be kept with the carrier.
   - Carnet TIR is applicable based on the Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets
   - Consignment (Bill of Lading, sea waybill) is a shipping documents, used in sea transportation and in transportation with the use of sea crafts. The consignment is a document, issued by the carrier to the consignor for the proof of acceptance of cargo for transportation with sea crafts under commitment to deliver the cargo to the port of destination and transfer it to the legal holder of the consignment.Three counterparts are usually issued (for consignor, for consignee, for cargo owner). All the counterparts of the consignment shall be considered by the consignor and consignee and shall be stamped as ORIGINAL COPY.

   Usually only one (first) original is the document of title. The copies of consignment shall be stamped as COPY or printed in forms of different colour as compared to the original one. In case the goods were issued according to one of the counterparts, the other counterparts shall be deemed ineffective.
   Every new transportation of sea containers, arranged by our company, transforms into a mutually beneficial cooperation. If you address us for our services, you will never change your carrier again!

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