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Центр сертификации Украины

Product certification

Certificate of Conformity - a document confirming that the product meets the legal requirements regarding its quality and safety (DSTU, GOST, TU) and is included in the register of the certification body on the territory of Ukraine. 

Certification is a procedure by which a third party gives written assurance that a product, process or service meets specified requirements. 

Certification of products is carried out by authorized certification bodies in order to prevent the sale of products that are dangerous to life, health and property of citizens and the environment; assistance to the consumer in the competent choice of products; creating conditions for the participation of business entities in international economic scientific and technical cooperation and international trade.

Заказать сертификат соответствия, Украина

Certificates of conformity are issued:

  • for serial production;
  • for a specific batch of products that is supplied or manufactured in accordance with the contract, invoice;
  • for a single product; 

The objects of certification are products that:

  • made in Ukraine;
  • is imported into Ukraine and is designated by the manufacturer as such that it meets the regulatory documents in force in Ukraine;
  • is imported into Ukraine and is not marked by the manufacturer as such that it complies with the regulatory documents in force in Ukraine, but can be identified as such that it must comply with the regulatory document in force in Ukraine for similar products.

Documents required for product certification.

For domestic products:

  • Specifications, GOST or DSTU;
  • Passport, operation manual, drawings, etc.;
  • Card of the enterprise (details and contacts of the enterprise).

For imported products:

  • Technical description of products;
  • Foreign certificates, test reports (if any);
  • Card of the enterprise (details and contacts of the enterprise).


заказать Сертификат Соответствия СЕ, Украина

CE Conformity Certificate

CE is the certification system of the European Union ("Conformite Europeenne" - European Conformity).

The issuance of the CE certificate is controlled and regulated by a body called the EOIS. This abbreviation is deciphered as the European Body for Testing and Certification of Products.

The order of the CE:

1. Definition of the directive and standards by which the testing and certification of the manufacturer's products will be carried out;

2. Evaluation of the submitted documents, technical file and other requirements by the experts of the documentation for compliance with the declared European


3. Analysis of production in the form of a visit of experts to the territory of the company (if there is a need).

4. Testing products for compliance with selected standards.

5. Registration of the CE conformity certificate.

Оформление сертификата СЕ, Украина

The cost of obtaining European certification depends on the type of product, the number and cost of the necessary tests, which are carried out in an accredited laboratory.

A refusal (explanatory) letter is a document from an accredited certification body stating that a certificate of conformity or a declaration of conformity is not required for this product.

Отказные письма, Украина

The refusal (explanatory) letter is not a mandatory document and is for informational purposes only. Nevertheless, it can serve as a weighty argument if you need to prove to customs or your customer that there is no need to issue a certificate or declaration of conformity.

The refusal (explanatory) letter indicates the name of the product, model, TN VED code, name and address of the manufacturer.