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Центр сертификации Украины

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Certificate of conformity - a document confirming that the product meets the statutory requirements for its quality and safety (DSTU, GOST, TU) and entered in the Register of certification bodies in Ukraine.

Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion of Ukraine - a document confirming the compliance of finished products, activities, technical conditions, established requirements, hygienic norms and sanitary rules.

Technical specifications (TS)  - is the technical documentation for the product, contains requirements for the product, its manufacture, control, acceptance and delivery.

The ISO 9001 certificate documents the fact that the company has a quality management system and is a guarantee of stable operation of the system.

The ISO 14001 certificate certifies that the organization has sufficient resources to carry out successful environmental activities of its production.

The ISO 22000 certification shows the ability to control food safety risks and ensure that end products are safe for consumers.

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