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Центр сертификации Украины


Технические условия (ТУ) Украина

Specifications (TS) are technical documentation for products, containing requirements (a set of all indicators, norms, rules and regulations) for the product, its manufacture, control, acceptance and delivery. 

Often, in the modern world, DSTU and GOST may not cover the necessary volume of requirements and technologies for the production of products, and a separate type of product does not have any regulatory framework at all.

In this case, the manufacturer needs to develop technical specifications (TS). 

Our company provides a full range of works on the development, verification, approval and registration of technical conditions (TS).

Specifications are developed for one specific product, substance, material. The requirements established by the Technical Specifications (TS) should not contradict the mandatory requirements of state standards that apply to these products. 

We will provide optimal design solutions for specifications, developed specifically for your production and meeting all existing standards of state regulatory authorities. The process of performing work on specifications includes: developing a draft specification, checking and agreeing specifications (including changes to them) with state supervision authorities.

Написание технических условий, ТУ, Украина

The development of specifications begins with the receipt of the following information by us:

1. Registration documents of your company:

  • Certificate from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (EDRPOU);
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs;
  • A document confirming the status of a taxpayer (the status of a VAT payer or the status of a single tax payer);
  • First page of the Charter;
  • Bank details.

2. A list of your products with a description of the main technical characteristics.

3. Technological process of production, with a description of the main purchased components.