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Центр сертификации Украины


импорт кривой рог

   Customs processing of the IMPORTED cargos shall commence at the stage of entering into a foreign economic contract. The procedure shall commence with elaboration of contract provision in course of negotiations with partners, refinement of the list of documents provided, delivery conditions and resolution of non-tariff regulation issues.

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экспорт Украина

   Export – this is the customs treatment, whereby goods cart away to beyond the customs territory of Ukraine, without obligation about back it to this territory, and without establishment conditions for applying itbeyond the customs territory of Ukraine.

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Temporary import/export

временный ввоз вывоз Украина

   Temporary import/export is a customs regime, subject to which the goods may be imported to or exported from the customs territory of Ukraine with further obligatory return of these goods without any changes, except for natural wear or losses caused at normal transportation conditions.

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Import of investment


   Investments shall be understood to mean any funds, securities, other property, including property and other rights with monetary value, vested in the objects of business and (or) other activity for the purpose of profit-making and/or gaining other beneficial effect.

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