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ISO certification

Сертификат ISO 9001, заказать Украина

ISO 9001 certified

ISO 9001 is an international standard that establishes requirements for quality management systems (QMS) for organizations whose activities are aimed at improving customer satisfaction, as well as for those companies that seek to ensure that the quality of products (services) meets customer requirements, including legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to the activities of this organization.

The ISO 9001 certificate documents the fact that the company has a quality management system. Such certification serves as a guarantee of the stable functioning of the enterprise's quality management system.

ISO 9001 certification will help you:

  • win tenders;
  • increase the competitiveness of your products/services;
  • expand sales markets;
  • improve the image and strengthen consumer confidence.

Сертификат ISO 14001, Заказать Украина 

ISO 14001 certificate

The ISO 14001 certificate is an international document that is issued to confirm the quality and reliability of the environmental management system in place at the enterprise. 

The presence of the ISO 14001 certificate at the enterprise indicates that the organization has enough resources to carry out successful environmental activities of its production. 

The objectives of the implementation of ISO 14001 series standards:

  • minimization of the negative impact of the enterprise's activities on the environment,
  • compliance with laws, rules, requirements aimed at preserving the environment. 

ISO 14001 certification is used by companies that use production facilities and equipment in the course of their work, as well as perform technological processes that can damage the environment.

Obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate is a prerequisite for cooperation with foreign partners, an indicator of reaching the world level of quality and proof of competitiveness.

Сертификат ISO 22000 заказать, Украина 

ISO 22000 certificate

ISO 22000 specifies management system requirements for organizations involved in the food production and consumption chain to demonstrate their ability to control food safety risks and ensure that end products are safe for consumers.

Based on the requirements of this standard, a food safety management system will allow your organization to:

  • identify and evaluate all potential hazards in the food production chain, including hazards associated with the type of process and equipment used;
  • communicate effectively with suppliers, consumers and other stakeholders (ranging from agricultural producers to food producers, food laboratories, regulators, etc.) in the food chain;
  • comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements relating to food safety and agreed consumer requirements.

The certification process includes:

1. Expert advice on certification;

2. Certification preparation:

  • definition of work; terms, other parameters;
  • negotiation and signing of the contract;
  • you provide information for work.

3. Carrying out certification:

  • our specialists carry out the development and implementation of the ISO system;
  • you are provided with the developed documents for signing;
  • you are undergoing an ISO system certification audit;
  • we prepare and approve the draft of your certificate.

4. Registration in the registry, issuance of a certificate.