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Центр сертификации Украины

Declaration of Conformity

A Declaration of Conformity is a document in which the manufacturer or persons authorized by him certify that the products supplied by him comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations. 

The Declaration of Conformity is issued on the basis of confirmed evidence of product conformity or on the basis of a test report.
When registering a declaration of conformity, an accredited certification center assigns a registration number of the declaration, which contains the code of the certification body, the serial number of the declaration of conformity itself. The Declaration of Conformity has legal force and is valid throughout Ukraine. 

Only a resident of Ukraine can confirm the compliance of products with the requirements of technical regulations. If the manufacturer is a non-resident of Ukraine, his interests on the territory of Ukraine can only be represented by a resident of Ukraine on the basis of an agreement and a issued power of attorney (in the prescribed manner) to confirm compliance.

 Заказать декларацию о соответствии, Украина

The declaration is subject to:

  • Law of Ukraine "On technical regulations and assessment of performance" dated 15.01.2015;
  • Technical regulations;
  • Technical regulations for conformity assessment modules. 

Declarations of conformity are issued:

  • for serial production;
  • for a specific batch of products that is supplied or manufactured in accordance with the contract, invoice;
  • for a single product; 

Documents required to obtain a declaration of conformity. 

For domestic products:

  • Specifications, GOST or DSTU;
  • Passport, operation manual, drawings, etc.;
  • Card of the enterprise (details and contacts of the enterprise). 

For imported products:

  • Technical description of products;
  • Foreign certificates, test reports (if any);
  • Card of the enterprise (details and contacts of the enterprise).