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экспорт Украина

   Export – this is the customs treatment, whereby goods cart away to beyond the customs territory of Ukraine, without obligation about back it to this territory, and without establishment conditions for applying itbeyond the customs territory of Ukraine.

   Forms of customs declarations:

Форма МД 2  Форма МД 3  Форма МД 6  ЕК МД2  ЕК МД3

   For the EXPORT – Exporter must follow the presented steps:
1. Afford for customs authority all requisite financial goods transport documents, which certify foundations and conditions of exportation of goods beyond the customs territory of Ukraine.
2. Present all documents and permissions which prescribed by the law (non tariff regulation: Certificate of quality; Export permit (in that product groups which is subject to licensing); opinions of SES; Veterinary permissions; Phytosanitary documents; Certificate of conformity “UkrSEPRO” and other).
3. Defray all taxes and levies if them suffer goods during the exportation beyond the customs territory of Ukraine in obedience to the law of Ukraine.

   Customs clearance paperwork:
1.Commercial invoice (3 originals).
2. Packing.
3. Contract (original or antigraphy)
4. Card of accreditation Original and copy.
5. Veterinary, Phytosanitary Certificate or others documents of non tariff adjustments which requisite legislation.
6. Contract with transportation firm which is transport operator.
7. Certificate of transportation expenses to the line of Ukraine.
8. Transportation document (TIR, CMR or Consignment (Bill of lading) with the press of transportation firm with whom contract.
9. Documents of origin of goods (Copy CFD import, Tax invoice, Goods delivery note, etc.).
10. Provenance certificate of form A, ST-1 from TMF.

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