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   Customs processing of the IMPORTED cargos shall commence at the stage of entering into a foreign economic contract. The procedure shall commence with elaboration of contract provision in course of negotiations with partners, refinement of the list of documents provided, delivery conditions and resolution of non-tariff regulation issues.

   It is recommended that an expert customs broker, specialized in foreign economic activity, be involved into the discussion, for the purpose of elimination of financial and time expenditures when importing cargos to Ukraine. The broker will help to minimize financial and time expenditures.

   Forms of customs declarations:

Форма МД 2  Форма МД 3  Форма МД 6  ЕК МД2  ЕК МД3

   Stages of processing of the goods imported to Ukraine:
- determination of economic feasibility of import of cargo to Ukraine, customs duties, list of permits and licenses, other expenditures;
- entering into agreement with a broker;
- accreditation of the company as of the member of foreign economic activity in the customs authorities;
- selection of the customs regime and determination of specific features of customs processing of the goods;
- entering into a foreign economic contract and verification of its compliance with requirements of customs authorities and authorized bank;
- entering into agreement for provision of transportation and forwarding services;
- final calculation of value of the imported goods with due consideration of customs duties, taxes, cost of delivery and brokerage services etc.;
- agreement of amount of customs payments and list of the documents provided;
- preliminary payment of all the customs duties and payments to account of the customs authority;
- provision of documents, required for execution of entry summary declaration, to the broker in order to prevent delays and downtime at customs clearance;
- perform import and customs processing of the goods.

   Documents required for customs processing:
1. To be provided by the consignor: invoice in 2 original counterparts + translation;
2. To be provided by the consignor: CMR;
3. To be provided by the consignor: proforma-invoice in case the bank transfer of the currency is performed against this document;
4. To be provided by the consignor: packing list;
5. To be provided by the consignor: original contract (it is advisable to have it certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the consignor’s country);
6. To be provided by the consignor: certificate of of form A, ST-1 (or other form);
7. To be provided by the consignor: export declaration (original and copy), To be provided by the importer: importer’s accreditation card;
8. To be provided by the importer: VAT certificate, statistics, registration (for entering into agreement with our enterprises);
9. To be provided by the importer: confirmations of payments made against the contract;
10. To be provided by the importer: brokerage services agreement, transportation agreement, certificate issued by the carrier for the proof of transportation cost to the customs border of Ukraine;
11.To be provided by the importer: sanitary and epidemiological inspection certificate, certificate of conformity issued by the Unified State System of Certification and Standardization of Ukraine (UKRSEPRO), veterinary certificate and other permits, if necessary.

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